“You will not have my hatred…” – a reference from Fr Pat’s Advent homily

o-ANTOINE-LEIRIS-ISIS-LETTER-facebookIf you heard Fr. Pat’s homily at 4pm on Saturday, and presumably on Sunday as well, he mentioned a man named Antoine Leiris whose wife Hélène Muyal was massacred at the Bataclan theatre in Paris during the recent terrorist attack. Fr. Pat spoke of this man’s letter to the terrorists, how would not into hate. What a powerful way to enter into the hope and anticipation of Advent.

If you want to see the video of his words, spoken by Leiris himself, it can be found at this link. The actual text, in French with an English translation, is on Leiris’ Facebook page, here.

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Advent Reflection – November 29, 2015

slideshow_advent_2The Invitation – An Advent Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent by Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

Advent begins today, which may not be well noted in any news program or news publication. If you turn on your TV, or read the news on an electronic device or on paper, you are likely to see things that instill fear. You might read about immigrants trying to gain entry to various countries, including the U.S., and you might not like this – it could bring on fear at a time when we seek protection. Maybe a headline about some financial business incites a firestorm of fluttering in your tummy as you wonder if you will have “enough.”  Worry can take a more practical form, especially in regard to tummies and enough, if you cannot feed your family.  All of these concerns and more are understandable at some level. Yet, what about the level of Christ?

Our world seems to run on the fuel of fear Continue reading

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Advent Evening Prayer and Advent Reflections

thumbEVENING PRAYER: On Tuesday, December 1 – and on every Tuesday in Advent, the Roman Catholic Community of St Edward the Confessor in Clifton Park will offer sung evening prayer at 7pm. Admission is free and all are welcome. Please consider joining us, as we said, all are welcome. One need not be a parishioner, or a Roman Catholic.

Perhaps this will be the one time a week that you can get away from the busyness of life and find time to wait for the Lord through prayer and song.  If you have questions, please let me know in the comments. We await the opportunity to welcome you with great joy on December 1, and on every Tuesday during the season.


advent_0ADVENT BLOG REFLECTIONS: Sunday, November 29, 2015,  is the First Sunday of Advent. With that, our Advent reflections will return. Our reflections are offered by parishioners and others who simply wish to share their faithful insights with us in this space.

Please join us by reading the reflections and praying with us. If you are moved to write a reflection, which can be one sentence or up to about 1200 words, please let us know. And no worries about your word count, if you have something to say, let us explore the possibilities as we wait in joyful hope. Again, all are welcome, one does not need to be a parishioner or Catholic. All editorial rights are reserved by the parish, but so far we have turned away no one. We hope you will be reading and praying with us.

Feel free to share this post widely on social media, through email, or simply through word of mouth. Thank you and God bless you!

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Ideals and Christian Maturity – A REC reflection by Don Wilson

corinthians-13-11-1Ideals & Christian Maturity
a reflection offered by Don Wilson at Hale Creek Correctional Facility on Friday, October 2, 2015

This is a great topic to talk about because it allows us to take snapshot of the stages of our life (starting from childhood through adulthood), Reflect on our lives and actually see, or experience our developmental growth through the transitions of our life with regard to our Ideals & Christian Maturity. This topic is outlined on Page 12 of the REC Green-book.

Please take the time to write down your thoughts and reflections, they will come in handy when we discuss this subject at your tables.

But first, Continue reading


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Pilgrimage with Pope Francis – Two days, two thoughts

Photo credit: Michelle Francl © Used with permission

Photo credit: Michelle Francl © Used with permission

Doing this blogging has been great, but it has been a bit like a marathon. By missing a day, I am now combining two days worth of material, but they are connected. Hey, we’re Catholics – everything is connected. And Pope Francis really embodies that sense of the connection of all creation.

Speaking to the Bishops, Pope Francis Continue reading

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Pilgrimage with Pope Francis – Peace

Inter_religious_prayer_service_at_Ground_Zero_with_Pope_Francis_Sept_25_2015_Credit_EWTN_CNA_9_25_15Pope Francis made an impassioned plea for peace at the UN today. He then went to Ground Zero for an interfaith prayer service. It was particularly moving to see the different faiths present at Ground Zero, to see an Imam and a Rabbi open the service together; they even embraced. There were so many beautiful moments.

What are we to make of this? How do we reach beyond our own pews and embrace those of other faiths? How do we see people who may appear as enemies, as fellow children of the same God?

Pope Francis’ presence in a place of such extreme violence, Continue reading

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Pilgrimage with Pope Francis – Common Good

pope-francis-congress-commongood Continue reading

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