Ascension to Pentecost Novena – Day 5

For what shall we pray on this fifth day?

Lord, we pray for the shelter of the upper room and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to lead us out of that room. As we make our way these days, we know you have left, we know that the Advocate is coming, but when? How?

These are the trapeze days as we let go of one thing and cast ourselves in pure faith as we await the other trapeze. There is no proof that our reach will encounter a new bar to grab, yet we fly through the air, arms extended and heart beating madly.

So accompany us O God of mystery and light.

We await your spirit.

You ascended the other day and we were dumbstruck by this. You would think that with all we have seen and come to know to know through you Jesus, that this would not be the case. How will we ever be transformed?

That is what Pentecost gives us the hope of, as does every other day… The hope of transformation. And that then we go and transform in Your name.

Come Holy Spirit.

Veni Sanctus Spiritus.

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  1. Dear Fran, Beautiful…..thanks for this.Don