Creativity and Prayer – A Retreat for Women

cyZLVfc31dgtTAEUJlU9pf-XDJ2LmSJaa-WLywIBJg4The St. Edward’s Women’s Retreat team offered an afternoon retreat today, entitled Creativity and Prayer. It was well attended, with about 70 women present. Thank you one and all for being there!! We saw old friends and made new friends. We began with a simple soup lunch, lovingly cooked for us by our kitchen contingent, Karen DiPalma, Roe O’Donnell, Ginny Ducar, Mary Ann Sekellick, and Marcia Pokorny. If I missed any of the cooks because I was not there on Friday night for cooking, let me know! We are grateful for you all and for the other amazing women on our team such as Judy Gerwitz, Betsty Bodette, Dolores Caruso, and Maryann Martin. I hope that I have not missed anyone here… please let me know if I have. And thanks to Fr. Pat for coming in and saying grace.

We began with a brief talk by me (Fran) and Sue Karpovich. After that it was table activity time. In general, our retreats follow a pattern of meal, a talk or presentation, a group activity, followed by a prayer service and ritual. Today was no different.

In order to explore our creativity we used the coloring of mandalas as exercise. We also had questions for each table to consider, and as they considered and discussed these questions, they prepared intentions to be used at our prayer service. Using the introduction of, ” Lord, create in us…” each table came up with their prayerful words and hopes.

Once in the chapel, Marilyn Waite played the piano, as we all sang, “Be still, be still, and know that I am God…” We had a reading, we sat in silence for several minutes, we prayed a psalm together. When it was time for each group to offer their intention, one person from their table placed a pre-cut piece of a mandala on a poster board, as another read their prayerful words. In the end, we had a completed mandala, which is great Eucharistic theology!

It was a fine afternoon. Many people spent time with old friends, and many, many new friends were made. If you attended, and want to give us feeedback, leave a comment or email me at stedwardsblog @ If you attended or not, but you want to be a part of our planning team, let us know!

For those who asked, I will be posting recipes at the bottom of this page.

Tricolor Tortellini Soup

1 pkg 8 oz tricolor tortellini

2 medium cloves garlic, peeled & thinly sliced

4 c. washed & coarsely chopped escarole or chicory

4 c. vegetable broth

1 can (1lb) small white beans, undrained

1 can (28 oz) plum tomatoes, undrained

1 med yellow pepper, cut in ¼ inch cubes

Cook tortellini as package label directs.  Drain.  Set aside.

In 4 qt saucepan or dutch oven, cook garlic 3 minutes.   In the same pan, cook escarole 2 minutes or until wilted.  Stir in broth, beans & their liquid, tomatoes, yellow pepper & ¼ tsp pepper.  Bring to boiling.  Stir in cooked pasta & garlic.  Heat through.

Makes 10-12 servings.

The chicken noodle soup recipe can be found at this link.


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  1. Johanna Wasalinko

    So enjoyed reading about your women’s retreat. Especially about the creative expression. What could be better than this to honor a creator God ! Hope to joining next time. Johanna