Hello?! Anybody in here?

-1When I was at 4pm mass on Saturday, someone stopped me and asked if I was OK. They were wondering since I had not posted anything since January 8. Yikes! One month!

Well, truth be told I have been sick off and on. Overall, I will be fine, but I have been working through some health things. So that has taken up some of my time, and taken away some of my energy.

Add to that, one of my slowest periods of writing is always after the new year, up until Lent begins. While I have written some things for my personal blog. Many times, I will just cross post things over here, but recently I have begun to wonder if this blog is well rounded enough for the parish. We have some other writers, during Advent and Lent, and at some other intervals, but I do need to restart efforts to find other contributors on a regular basis. If anyone is interested in writing, please let me know.

In the meantime, all is well, but things may stay quiet until Lent, when near daily posting should take place! All are welcome to read my personal blog, There Will Be Bread, although that’s been pretty quiet, too!

In the meantime, peace and good to all!


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