Offering Scriptural Reflections

Let-your-light-shine-804x1024What does your faith say to you? Do you ever feel called to express your thoughts about it in writing? We welcome contributors to the parish blog with great joy. Please consider choosing a day or more than one day, during Lent, to offer a brief reflection.

A small, but faith-filled selection of people have done so in the 6 years that we have been doing this, please join us! This can be done individually, as a family project, which has been done before, as a catechetical exercise with kids of any age, as part of a group of friends, or faith sharing group. You can write poetry, create art or photography to post,  and more. Please talk to me about your ideas. We know that we are not to “hide our light under a bushel,” but to make it shine.

And if you don’t want to write, please pray for us, read the posts, and share them with others. If interested, please leave a comment on the blog! You can also send an email to stedwardsblog at gmail dot com. (spelled out to discourage spam!)  Reflections are always welcome, at any time, but we do have a special focus at Lent and Advent. This is a journey we make together in Christ! We look forward to you joining us through your contributions, and your reading and prayerful presence.


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