Lenten Reflections – March 23, 2014

Woman at the well by Seiger Koder.

Woman at the well by Seiger Koder.

The Third Sunday of Lent – by Rosemary Browne

The gospel was the story of the woman at the well. If we deeply believe that Jesus is the Living Water, our lives have to change. Lent for me has always been about striking my chest and saying Lord, have mercy. In the last ten or fifteen years it is more about change. Change my thinking and my attitudes. More recently Lent now means how can I help? What can I do so you have clean fresh water today? What can I do so that you have shoes to wear? I reflect often on Mother Teresa’s words:

Live simply, so others can simply live.

Lent is a good time to reflect on what will I change, how will I do it, and can I accept the outcome. And that takes God’s grace and courage.

Rosemary Browne is a parishioner and new contributor to the blog. We welcome her with great joy!


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