The Christmas Moment – A reflection by Bill Thornton

Greetings all – it is still Christmas, even if all the world around us says otherwise. Let us still live it! Here is a blog, meant for Christmas day, by Bill Thornton. Your blogger-in-chief fell down on the job and missed posting it until today. Thankfully, it is *still* Christmas, so Bill’s reminder is a good one. Christmas moments can come any day, can’t they? Blessings of the season, and gratitude to all who pray and journey with us here.

Photo credit: Damian Peach, found on APOD.

Photo credit: Damian Peach, found on APOD.

There is a moment – a Christmas moment – maybe THE Christmas moment. It is hard to find and easy to miss, but it is there and it is worthwhile finding. It lies between commercial Christmas and religious Christmas. After pop culture Christmas songs, but before carols and hymns. After White Christmas, Blue Christmas, All I want for Christmas …, Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming, Santa Baby, Grandma Got Run Over …, etc., but before Silent Night, Adeste Fideles, Joy to the World, God Rest Ye Merry …, O Holy Night, and the Messiah. After shopping, buying, wrapping, decorating, cooking, planning, cleaning, sending cards, running the Christmas Ironman, but before going to church, greeting friends, singing, praying, listening, and before giving, opening, and enjoying gifts, before hugging and loving family, before serving and eating that special meal, loosening your belt and breathing a sign of satisfaction – and relief.

It is in there somewhere. If you look for it you will find it – a brief, brilliant moment of unadorned divine light. This is where you will see? Hear? Feel? Somehow understand that God so loved (your name here) that he sent His only begotten Son so that when you believe in Him you will not die but have eternal life.”

Hold on to that moment as long as you can. It won’t last long, it is too intense and you’re too busy. Relish that tiny moment, and quietly give thanks.



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2 responses to “The Christmas Moment – A reflection by Bill Thornton

  1. THE CHRISTMAS MOMENT, as Bill so ably describes it, might also be between 3:00AM and 6:00 AM any day, when the world, turning towards the morning, is asleep , you too doze off and The Word jumps off the opend Book into your willing heart, you get a fleeting glimplse, your mind attempts to understand the God experience and it cannot.. This might be getting the Christmas gift of understanding .

  2. Very nice Bill – I agree with your last line: Yes, “opportunity is not a lengthy visitor” — as told in the play “Into the Woods”