Reflection of the Journey of Winter – by Don Wilson

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Reflection for the Journey of Winter

A time for reflection stirs deep within….
To ponder this journey that we each trod.
For this season I will hopefully find much peace…
It will bid me to be blessed by God.

Many view this season with intrepidation and fear…
For what perhaps another season holds.
The season that I put aside for now….
Not ready to venture out in the cold.

I choose to relish in this winter time….
I will not waste on what might not be.
For what lies in store before these eyes…
Is the season God has gifted me.

There are thoughts of many folks as well…
Some of family also some of friends
I will embrace each that God has sent….
Until this journey has reached it end.

There is peace in this quiet reflection….
That clears my cluttered thoughts in mind.
I will stand before another season…
But for now I am graced by this winter time.


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