Mercy – by Phyllis Cardona






Today’s reflection is offered by guest, Phyllis Cardona.

Mercy – by Phyllis Cardona

I would like to think
that I would follow you anywhere, Lord.
That just knowing you were near
would still the storm that rages
in my mind and batters my heart,
and lead me beyond the place where
mistrust blocks access to mercy,
and forgiveness and exile go hand in hand.

I would like to think
that I could endorse your blatant
acceptance of sinners,
and join with gusto
at Zacchaeus’ ill-gotten banquet
and not stand scowling at the gate
leaving the work of forgiveness
to you alone.

Help me lay down
the stones of disappointment,
anxiety and fear
so that the mercy
of your eternal second chance
can take root deep within
and burst out
healing all that is damaged,
broken and dead.

Help me find
the jar of precious nard
buried long ago
deep within the heart
you fashioned in innocence
and nurtured in times of trial.

Give me the strength and the grace
to break the jar, and to allow
the sweet scent of forgiveness
to mingle with my hesitation –
an offering of hope and relief.

(Phyllis Cardona lives in Albany; she is a poet, writer, and retired catechist. We thank her for her contribution to the blog.)

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