Add your voice! (the Christmas edition)

voices_needed1-300x300Christmas is coming and if you are even thinking about attending 11am mass on Christmas Day, we have an invitation for you. This was written by choir member and cantor Eileen Day Viele and posted on Facebook, but today it is going to a wider audience.  We hope that you will join us for mass – and to sing in the “one day choir.” And if you like it – come back!  We hope you will join us for mass whether you sing or not! ALL ARE WELCOME.
“An important public service announcement from a member of our music ministry:Have you been thinking about joining one of the many choirs at St. Edwards…but, just not sure? Well, check this out… You can do a “Test Run”! Wait, what? Yeah! So, it’s on Christmas Day at 11am…that’s the catch. But, that’s OK! By 11, all the presents are opened and folks are just sitting around relaxing! (Yeah RIGHT!) OK, so, maybe not EVERYONE is relaxing…but, you may know someone that really has no where to go on Christmas Morning….and, that’s just not a good thing. Awesome for all ages – Seniors, College folks, Families and Guests! Let them know about this! “But, I don’t know the music!” OR “I’m visiting and/or not a member of the parish!” No worries…ALL ARE WELCOME. Uhh….Did you get that? ALL ARE WELCOME. And – the music program is already stuff you know…Christmas Carols! And, there will be a cantor for the Psalm, so you won’t be asked to get up and sing a HANS SOLO! So, don’t be bashful – Quit singin’ in the car at the traffic light… Amy Grant and Josh Groban have NUTTIN’ on you! Go on up and see Mary Jo at the piano by 10:30 Christmas morning, and she’ll have music ready to go! Uhh…yes…it’s that simple. Really! Tell her “Eileen said I could!” You’ll have so much fun – and meet new friends – and spend a most Special Day with others! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS!”

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