What to ask for? By Madeline Longacker

MGK5000AMatthew 7:7 is one of my favorite scriptures. Jesus tells us to ask, seek and knock on the Father’s heart. The Father invites us to bring all our needs and desires to Him and trust that He wants good things for us just like we want good things for our children. This year I was thinking about how the Father knows how to give things we don’t even know what we need. He sends His Son and He sends His Spirit. He fills us with His mercy, His gifts, His tenderness and His providential love.

What happens when you don’t know what to ask for? I’ve been going through a serious health challenge. God seems a little distant. What I’ve discovered is that the Father stirs up the family of Christ Jesus’ mystical body. People from my prayer group, friends, family and people you don’t even know well reach out with encouragement. It is through those gestures that you realize that the Father reveals His care through them. He is no longer distant.

Maybe you are going through some challenge. I can’t send you a card but maybe I can share an image that I believe that the Father brought to my mind for those times when there are no words. I imagine myself walking on a beach and I am surprised and happy to see Jesus sitting on the sand. I sit next to Him and lean against Him allowing His strength to flow to me. We look over the ocean. Lately, when I sit down He puts His arm around me and shares His cloak. I feel blanketed in His healing love. I pray that you too may feel blanketed by His tender love.



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2 responses to “What to ask for? By Madeline Longacker

  1. Peggy Cowper

    Praying that the healing cloak of Jesus continues to protect you! And sending a hug too.

  2. Jean Padula

    Thanks for your inspiring words, Madeline.