Always a chance

There-is-always-a-chanceToday I offer very short post based on Sunday’s Gospel, which can be found here. There is always another chance with God. We are supposed to “fear” God in the sense of awe, but not in the sense of cowering in the corner. People tell me all the time that they fear hell. Yet, how can we read about the dead fig tree and how giving it once more chance might bring forth fruit? Right now I look at trees that appear dead, but it is simply winter – so they do look dead. Chances are, greens will sprout in about six weeks. Maybe sooner! Looks can be deceiving.

We always have a chance, at least that is what I believe. What do you believe? Will God give us another chance? If so -why? If not – why? Just curious and I hope you will share what you believe. My hope is like the quickening of spring; we stand on Holy Ground. God is present and desiring of relationship with us. What’s not to hope for?  Especially during the Year of Mercy!


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