Advent blog update

thumbGreetings to all! As you might have noticed, it has been a long time since anything was posted. Typically Advent postings would start right about now, but I am not sure that will happen with any real consistency. I am sorry about that, but sometimes the field must be fallow for new things to grow.

This was a very different year in my life, and as editor of this blog, things slipped. No excuses, just a year that was unlike any other. Not that there were problems, just other preoccupations and responsibilities. In the end I never sent out my typical email calling for posts, nor did I get anything into the bulletin. I am sorry.

Advent does begin this evening and I wish you a most blessed one. This is a liturgical season of waiting and watching. Maybe we can pray together to wait, watch, and discern where this blog is going after 9 years. A reboot and redesign may be in order, or a retirement? I’m not sure.

Having said that – if you have something that you would like to reflect on this Advent, please contact me. I welcome all reflections and posts. If you have ideas about the blog, please let me know. It would be great to refashion it and go forward, something I would love to do in community and not in isolation.

Let us hold one another in prayer. May the peace of this season be yours!


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2 responses to “Advent blog update

  1. Doreen V Salse

    Hello my dear Fran I was just- and really just- thinking about you and the Advent reflections!

    Count me in. I’ll let you know what day or day I’d like to reserve. I’m in California right now. It’s just past 6:30 and I’m a bit bleary-eyed.

    Warmest regards Doreen

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    • Doreen, you have been very much on my mind since I returned from Spain. Please let me know what day or days you would like, they are all wide open! Blessings on your journey. Thank you for your generous spirit!