Mary, Don’t You Weep for Me

(This blog post was meant to go up last week, and regrettably did not get posted. Many thanks to parishioner and author of the post, Charles Burre.)
p1050156On Monday we attended our granddaughter Nora’s preschool Christmas pageant. She was chosen to play Mary, but she was not feeling well on the day of the pageant. When the director told her to look tired, she did not have to change her expression at all. As I reviewed my pictures on the computer and saw this one, a song recorded by Bruce Springsteen, “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep No More” started playing in my head. I knew I had to put this on Facebook. I could not recall the exact words of the song so I titled the post “Mary Don’t You Weep for Me.” The more I thought about my title, the more I liked it.

Besides the pangs of childbirth, Mary had many occasions to be brought to tears. At the Presentation in the Temple, Simeon told Mary that her son’s life would be opposed by many and that she would be “pierced by a sword.” When Jesus was twelve, his parents lost track of him for three days only to find him teaching in the Temple. We are told that Mary “kept these things in her heart.” Of course, Mary’s agony was the greatest during Jesus’ passion and death. I am sure that during these times that Jesus wanted to say “Mary don’t you weep for me, we’ll get through it.”

Today we are concerned about the future of our country, our world, and our Church. On a personal level, we may be fraught with anxieties or grief due to illnesses, material needs, family strife, or the loss of a loved one. In these times we need to know that Jesus is by our side saying, “We’ll get through it.”

In the Advent readings we find the assurance that God has brought his people through many times of trial and that the promised Messiah will provide a new and lasting deliverance. This Messiah, Jesus, has revealed to us how much God loves us and wants us to be his children. For me, the message of Advent this year is “We’ll get through it.”

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