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Lenten Reflection, Thursday, February 14 – By William Thornton

edenI noticed something remarkable the other day.  The Old Testament Mass readings for Monday and Tuesday, the two days immediately before Lent, together make up the Creation story from Genesis.  (Gen 1:1–31; and 2:1–3)  I do not know whether this is what happens every year or whether this year is unique.  What makes this fact remarkable?  Well, the first reading at the Easter Vigil is the very same Creation story.  Therefore, the seven weeks of Lent are set between two tellings of the seven days of Creation.

The liturgical readings for Lent form, in effect, the life and teachings of Jesus, the Word of God. This is the same Word of whom John said:

“All things came to be through Him, and without Him nothing came to be.” (Jn 1:3)

So if the Genesis story represents the all-powerful God, the Lenten liturgical readings tell us that that same all-powerful God lived in the same world as we do, and suffered the same pains as we do, and finally died for us, and for Continue reading



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